How We Will Be With You Every Step Of The Way


Yesterday, I attended a special one of a kind event. For the first time in the history of Initial Public Offers (IPO’s) at the Nairobi Stock Exchange, there was a special launch for bloggers.No traditional print and electronic media with oversized notebooks and glaring camera lights. Instead, cool bloggers with backpacks carrying their laptops and smart phones tweeted their way to Sierra lounge, where the event was held.

This was during the British American bloggers night. Amid the saucy fish fingers, hot samosas and the cold Sierra beers, we hobnobbed with the company’s execs as they dissected  the figures for us and answered questions from the bloggers gathered. From financial aficionados like Bankelele to celebrity and sports blogger Collo, it was a bloggers melting point. And the lessons were immense.

Did you know that at KSh9 per share, the British American share will be the most discounted of all companies of its stature listed at NSE? Or that the company’s experts can help you beat the current 14.5% inflation rate by investing your money in investments with high returns?

Good for you if you do. If you don’t, you are about to. For day also marks the beginning of something special. For the first time in the region, a financial services company with the stature of British America wants to start a conversation with you. We will not dazzle you with information about our financial products and services.

However, we begin a conversation about money, investments, insurance and every facet of finance that impacts your life. We will talk about your dreams and how we can help you achieve them. Also, you will also tell us whether we are helping you achieve those goals. Any info on the upcoming British American IPO will also be available in real time. In addition to the daily updates, we will have these sections:

Friday-IPO watchIt will give the latest news and features on not only the British American IPO process but also other unknown interesting info on the company and its execs.

Tuesday-Your money section– Basically, it will be about helping people achieve their dreams. You can send queries on how to grow and protect your money, wealth and health. Your queries will be answered by experts.

Monday-If you had invested a million last week This weekly column will give you a chance to your favourite investment either in stocks or other instruments. If you had one million bob for instance, , how would invest and thus grow it? We will also highlight the NSE stock which has made most gains and which if you had invested that amount, would have most returns.

Product Review-How can our products and services be with you in every step of the way? Let us have that conversation on Wednesday.

Saturdays -Weekend internationals– This will be a roundup of all international news on investment, finance both regional and continental.

Daily investment/insurance/wealth quote

Or what would you like to read about?




One response to “How We Will Be With You Every Step Of The Way

  1. one question,why have the leadshare holders choosen to list?

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