Beating Inflation: How We Can Ensure The Value of Your Money Remains Even Higher


With the Inflation rate now hitting 14%, it is time you invested in equity and balanced funds to help mitigate the losses.

Yesterday evening, I was looking at a few documents. My bank statement, my shopping receipts and a letter from an oil company whose card I use. All these are pointing at one thing. Life is becoming too expensive for many of us.

With inflation having passed the 14% mark, it is not going to get any rosier. Since there is little you can do about the cost of goods, you should start thinking of how to protect your money. This is because inflation makes your money less valuable. If you had KSh100,000 in the bank in December, the money would buy less goods and services now than it would have then.

And bank’s deposit interest rates- that is the interest you earn if you leave your money to just lie in a bank, cannot help you. The average deposit rates have remained almost static increasing from 3.43 to 3.47% in the past six months. So if you leave your money to earn interest in a bank, inflation would still erode your money by up to 10%.

So, how can you beat this juggernaut called inflation? You don’t have to. This is because British American Asset Managers, a subsidiary of British American Investment Company, has experts that can invest your money and ensure you get maximum return on investment.

This is by investing in either the British-American Equity Fund or British American Balanced Fund. These funds are inflation busters and always deliver high returns to investors. For instance since 2005, when both funds were launched, the equity fund has registered a net return of 65%. The balanced fund on the other hand has registered a net return of 79% during the same period. This is compared to the 8% registered by the NSE.

The balanced fund is invested in both equities which is shares and fixed income securities like T-bills and bonds. Equity fund is invested in stock exchanges in the region and some offshore listed companies.

Though the minimum investment is KSh250,000, you can start with as little as KSh100,000 and upscale with time. You can also take comfort in the fact that your money is managed by professionals whose full time job is to spot opportunities and invest. Also, British American Asset Manager has grown at an average annual rate of 142%. Last year, it doubled the funds under management to KSh17.5 billion with a market share of 40%. Its parent company is also listing in an upcoming IPO, meaning it will be disclosing information more regularly.

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