Is this Kenya’s hottest career? Also, see you at Whitesands, Mombasa today


It is one of those professions that you are guaranteed of a job anywhere in the world. In fact only 20 Kenyans are qualified.  Out of these, only six work in Kenya and for those in Kenya, two work for British American.

Ambrose Dabani, one of the six actuaries who work in Kenya. Two of them, including Mr Dabani work for British American

I am talking about actuaries, a rare breed of professionals who are in demand across all sectors of our economy. They work in corporate finance, insurance and other sectors like project finance.

They role is  evaluating the likelihood of future events, designing creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events and decreasing the impact of undesirable events that do occur. This includes reducing their financial impact.

Simply put, they are the kind of guys a financial company like British American consults when coming up with a product or investing your money.

I am not one of those closet geniuses who know this and was hiding it from you. On the contrary, I was quite amazed to learn this information from Ambrose Dabani the Chief Actuary, Risk and Investment Officer at British American. He is one of the two actuaries who work at British-American Investments Company (Kenya). He is also the Chief Operations Officer at British American Insurance, a subsidiary of British American Investments Company.

His journey began just after graduation with an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Nairobi . When his colleagues were adding value to their degree with other courses, he chose to study actuary.

This he did at the Institute of Actuaries in the United Kingdom, one of the the premier institutes that certifies actuaries in the world. He worked in South Africa and Namibia before joining British American in 2008.

To be an actuary, you must acquire numerate skills and have a deep mathematics and analytical skills, he told me.  By hiring two of the six available actuaries in Kenya, British America  ensures its and customers investments are well invested and risks mitigated.

“It is a fulfilling career,” said Mr Dabani

In other IPO news, the investor briefing for the coastal region is scheduled today at Whitesands hotel. It starts at 10AM and lunch will be served.


One response to “Is this Kenya’s hottest career? Also, see you at Whitesands, Mombasa today

  1. You forgot to mention ” They are the ones that got 99.9/100 in Arithmetic. Yaani only 20 Kenyans are trained in Actuarial science?

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