Where You Can Get Money to Buy British American IPO Shares


(sing with a deep baritone) Money, money money, money!

Boy, do i love that song? The only problem is I do not have much of it  and the little I have is competing for the attention of many expenses.  It is like a beautiful girl in ogre-land. Unless you live in Timbuktu and inherited wealth from ancient Romans, I am sure  you are also in the same situation.

Some may thus be tempted not to buy  the British American IPO because of lack of money. Get up, put on your favourite clothes and show up in a bank.  Yes,  a BANK.

For  banks are stepping up to offer you  loans to buy into the IPO. While the jury on the advantages and disadvantages of taking a loan to buy shares is still out, I want to outline what the institutions are offering.

Family Bank will give you up to 80% of the money to acquire a piece of British American. This is a loan you can pay within 24 months. That is two years or for the merry kind, two Christmases.

Consolidated Bank is also reported to have set aside KSh100 million for their customers to borrow and buy the British America IPO. This is at 16% and a payment period of up to 36 months. At Equity Bank, investors will get a loan to purchase up to 70% of the shares they want. The shares are  going for a partly  KSh9 and the company’s fundamentals are equally strong so its a good investment.

There are two ways this can play out. You can take the loan, watch the share price rise and sell to recover the money.  Or make it a long-term investment where you use other monies to repay the loan. While some have taken loans and bought shares and it worked out well for them, others have not been so lucky. Know your finances and consult your banker or a financial adviser before you take the move.

Whatever, you decide, lack of money is no longer an excuse not to buy the IPO.


2 responses to “Where You Can Get Money to Buy British American IPO Shares

  1. Antony kabue mwangi

    What is the minimum share to purchase

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