Finally, International Investors Can Now Get a Piece Of The British American IPO


It is Fridayyyy!!!! Can I say that again? It is Fridayyy! Yes, that day of the week when East Africans slow down and brace for the weekend.  But as we slowdown, the rest of the world got the chance of a lifetime yesterday.

This is because from Thursday 21st July, international investors have the chance to buy the British American IPO.  And by foreign I mean individuals and institutions that are either not residents or incorporated in East Africa. Remember this category of investors have been allocated 30% of the 650 million shares on offer.

These guys have the dough, know the fundamentals of the company they are buying into and want a piece of Africa. Again, for those who watch news for 15 minutes ( and thus miss business news!), Africa is the last frontier in business. This is the continent to be in if you want your business to grow and your money to work for you.

And their appetite has already been whipped. British American executives have been doing the rounds on capitals across Europe, America and Asia marketing the IPO.  I will get you the pics later. So you can bet one thing;

Those guys will gallop the offer. Good news is, we (east Africans) were given a two weeks head start. Hope you have made good use of it.

It is very cold in Nairobi today so have a smooking hot wkd(say in  Jeff Koinange’s voice)


One response to “Finally, International Investors Can Now Get a Piece Of The British American IPO

  1. East Africa Knows that BA is second to none. How do I get a job with BA?

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