Five More Banks Offer To Finance The British IPO As One Week Countdown Begins

(Saying it with Jeff Koinange’s voice) Folks, it is Friday! And not just  any other Friday, its end month Friday. It is also one week to the closure of the British American IPO offer. Yes folks, you have until next Friday to buy a piece of one of the fastest growing and stable investments in recent years.

For salaried folks, this is the time. Check your bank balance today and see if that salo has been remitted. I don’t have to. I have subscribed to a service that alerts me when the money get into the bank. The ringtone to that sms is, Kaching!

But for folks who are tight this month, vuta pumzi(breath easily). For the number of banks that are willing to finance you to buy the IPO are increasing by the day. In the last post I mentioned three banks that had lined up finances for people that want to buy the IPO.

The number has since gone up to eight banks. Yes, you can walk into eight banks and come out with money to buy the IPO(ok, you have to fulfil certain requirements which they will tell you). This include

  • Equity bank                             Commercial Bank of Africa
  • National Bank of Kenya         CFC Stanbic bank,
  • Consolidated Bank                 Family bank,
  • Barclays Bank                           NIC bank

And this is just Kenya. Apettite for the IPO is rising both regionally and internationally-from London to Kampala. Through the offer, East Africans have a chance to buy at least 2,000 shares each at KSh 9 per share while institutional investors are entitled to a minimum of 10,000 at the same price. The aim is to raise KSh5.8 billion by offering 650 million shares. Get the stock now(of course after reading this!)

NB// And pls rem to contribute to the Kenyans for Kenya hunger initiative. You can use Safaricom pay bill number 111111 to send your donation to buy food for our fellow countrymen. It is the best decision you can make today.

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