British American Video:The Lady In Charge Of Our Money

Oh, it is Monday, that day of the week we love to hate. But we need it like a fish needs water so let me stop complaining and build the nation.

It is four days to the IPO and there is no better time to introduce my personality profile than today. She is young, intelligent and has the grasp of finance that some of us would kill for (I flunked in maths so you can understand Is there any blogger who passed?)

And she is the lady who will be responsible for our money, the KSh5.8 billion to be raised through  the British American IPO. I am talking about Gladys Karuri, the British American Group Financial Director. The 36 year old executive joined British American four years ago from PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she was a senior manager in the assurance department.

Ms Kariuki holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Nairobi and is a Certified Public Accountant. I can choose to tell you what she will do with the money being raised and sound intelligent. I wont. Instead watch this video of her interview with CNBC here…. and go for those IPO forms. You have until Friday.



4 responses to “British American Video:The Lady In Charge Of Our Money

  1. Hi there. The link to the CNBC video is broken because “http://” appearing twice. The correct link is:

    Four days to go ….. all the best.

  2. video does not play

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