How To Secure Your Children’s Education

British American has education policies to help your child get through school

It is August and if the number of teenagers in Nakumatt lifestyle is anything to go by, you know that schools have closed. The battle for the remote control begins. However, at the end of this term, more serious issues will abound.

You will be expected to pay school fees for your kid or even your relatives. And we don’t complain because quality education is the best present a parent can give their child.

That is why today being a product Wednesday, I want us to focus on how to secure your children’s future and save money in the process. To do this, British American has three education policies to help you achieve this. Vuta stool, sit and listen(ooh, I mean read)

  • Super E plus
  • Elimu Bora
  • Invest Plus fund

Super E plus

It is a combination of insurance protection and savings that allows you to prepare for the cost of education. Best of all, it allows you to have a continuous growth fund. You get benefits such as death, accidental death, living benefits, disability benefits, maturity benefit, tax relief and guaranteed benefits.  What that means is that incase you die(God forbid) are injured in an accident(May He guide ur matatu driver) you and your kid are taken care of. It also has guaranteed cash bonuses. With each premium paid, the cash value of the plan increases.

Elimu Bora

Elimu Bora combines insurance and savings. Yaani you can be saving for cash and still make sure your kid gets insurance.  It accumulates funds for  your  child’s fees while in secondary and you also get a lump sum amount after joining university.

Under this unique plan the child will be the insured person and you enjoy benefits such as:

  • Savings
  • Cash Bonuses
  • Hospitalization Cover
  • Death benefit
  • Monthly Income
  • Last Expense Cover
  • Tax Benefits

You can be able to dictate the terms of the policy from how you want to save and pay according to their needs.  You can also use the policy as security to get a loan and incase the child decides not to join university, the funds are available to start them off in life. Yes, you can get the cash and they are kichwa ngumu, start for them a biashara(or lock him in a room, give a three hour lecture and an admission letter)

Invest plus fund

This one gives you a choice of selecting an investment strategy that you can adjust as the years go by. You can save up to 50% of your education expenses. It is systematic because the Unit Linked policy allows you to select an investment strategy that you can adjust as the years go by. This is also convenient because your investment will be part of a pooling vehicle that enjoys investment opportunities that might not otherwise be available to them as individuals.

The plan is very flexible.  You can choose to invest their savings premiums in four distinct investment funds designed to meet your investment objectives. You choose the life cover you want, can increase future premiums to maximize your investments and inject lump sum amounts into the policy whenever you have extra cash.

What are you waiting for? Drop us a line here and secure your kids future. But for now, walipie tuition…





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